Projects for Villa Aurora // Berlin and Los Angeles

Anniversaries of Villa Aurora 2005 and 2010

Our goal to “make cultural exchange visible“ has led to the conception of a series of events that celebrate every 5 years the existence of the Villa Aurora as an artist residency with the presentation of works created in the Villa.

2010: 15 Years of Villa Aurora

In both of its branches, Villa Aurora celebrated the 15th anniversary of its artists-in-residence program with a range of first-rate cultural events.

In Berlin the exhibition Transatlantic Impulses - 15 years of Villa Aurora was shown in the Academy of Arts. More information on exhibitions and programs can be found at

EröffnungsempfangKonzert mit Burghart Klaußner

opening reception in Berlin: S.E. Botschafter Philip D. Murphy, Tammy Murphy, Markus Klimmer
right side: concert with Burghart Klaußner in Berlin
Photographs: Heinz J. Kuzdas

The exhibition was curated by Sabrina von der Ley and Markus Richter. It centered on the 2005 to 2010 artists’ encounter with the social, architectural and scenic particularities of Los Angeles and wider California. At the opening event on December 3rd, Burghart Klaußner and his Band provided musical entertainment, while fellows Gerald Eckert, Steffi Weismann, Hanna Hartman, Maria Cecilia Barbetta, Anna-Maria Hora and Markus F. Adrian presented their artistic works.

In the exhibition spaces of the Academy of Arts a framework program of readings, concerts, and film screenings was held with artists such as Tobias Hülswitt, Roman Brinzanik, Susanne Heinrich, Klaus Modick, David Wagner, Eliav Brand, Marko Ciciliana, Sabine Ercklentz, Andrea Neumann, Antje Vowinckel, Rosa Barba, Lilly Engel, Brigitte Maria Mayer, Rick Minnich, Franz Müller and Hannes Stöhr.

Eva CastringiusVeronika Kellndorfer
Marcel BühlerBettina Krieg

works of Eva Castringius, Veronika Kellndorfer, Marcel Bühler, Bettina Krieg
Photographs: Heinz J. Kuzdas

In Los Angeles, the anniversary was festively celebrated with two great concerts in which the organist Christoph Bull excelled at the newly restored organ. He elicited all variations of musical expressions from the organ: starting with Bach's Toccata, then featuring works by exiled composers such as Erich Zeisl, Ernst Toch and Kurt Weill, and finally accompanying a silent film by Charlie Chaplin with special effects, The Immigrant.

Organist Christoph BullKonzertgäste bei der Orgeleinweihung

left to right: Dr. Beate Lindemann, Lee Ramer, Larry Ramer, Dr. Mechthild Borries-Knopp, Imogen von Tannenberg, Monika Grütters, MdB, Walther Leiser Kiep, Marianne Heuwagen; right side: Organist Christoph Bull at the inauguration of the newly restored organ of Villa Aurora in Los Angeles
Photographs: Volker Corell

2005/2006: 10 Years of Villa Aurora

The 10th anniversary of Villa Aurora was celebrated with a broad program for the public in Berlin and Los Angeles.

10 Jahre Villa Aurora - LA

Anniversary celebration in Los Angeles: Claudia Gordon, Mechthild Borries-Knopp, Freimut Duve, Marianne Heuwegen
Photographs Volker Corell

In November 2005, the exhibition Transatlantic Impulses, curated by Ariane Beyn, the Martin Gropius Bau opened. Works have been shown by former Villa Aurora Fellows from the Visual Arts:
Werner Amann, Ulrich Baehr, Tina Born, Eva Castringius, Frauke Eigen, Eva & Adele, Thomas Florschütz, Karin Geiger, Wiebke Grösch/Frank Metzger, Erik Göngrich, Beate Gütschow, Christian Jankowski, Andreas Kaiser, Veronika Kellndorfer, Thomas Klegin, Heike Klussmann, Charly Kurz, Heinz J. Kuzdas, Philipp Lachenmann, Julia Lazarus, Aurelia Mihai, Achim Mohné, Karin Apollonia Müller, Carsten Nicolai, Valeska Peschke, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Michael Sailstorfer, Hans Christian Schink, Lisa Schmitz, Stephan von Huene (†), Daniela von Waberer, Klaus Weber, Gisela Weimann.

The diverse framework program also documented works by artists from the fields of composition, literature and film.

Concert series Berlin Meets Los Angeles in Concert
At the Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt three concerts were held with twenty musical works that have been composed in connection with the stay at the Villa Aurora. Works of the following composers were performed:
Peter Ablinger, Jens Brand, Hans W. Koch, Thomas Meadowcroft, Makiko Nishikaze, Daniel Rothman, Volker Staub, Detlef Glanert, Georg Nussbaumer, Jamilia Jazylbekova, Harald Muenz, Bertold Tuercke, Andre Werner, Michael Wertmüller, Boris D. Hegenbart, Chao Ming Tung, Ulrich Krieger, Franz Martin Olbrisch, Charlotte Seither, Andreas Wagner.

Readings in the exhibition spaces by:
Torsten Schulz, Tzveta Sofronieva, Dieter M. Gräf, Judith Kuckart, Wolfgang Becker, Jörn-Jacob Rohwer, Tanja Dückers, Sabine Scho, Norbert Kron.

A program of films and short films celebrating 10 years of Villa Aurora in the movie theater Arsenal included the following artists:
Veit Helmer, Tamara Staudt, Matl Findel, Petra Haffter, Eva Castringius, Aurelia Mihai, Christian Jankowski, Philip Lachenmann, Achim Mohné, Lisa Schmitz, Julia Lazarus, Natascha Sadr Haghighian/ Judith Hopf, Corinna Schnitt, Klaus Weber, Gisela Weimann, Heike Klussmann, Romeo Grünfelder, Eva & Adele, Torsten Schulz.

Jörg HubeBiermösl Blosn

Jörg Hube and Biermösl Blosn at the anniversary event in Los Angeles
Photographs Volker Corell

In Los Angeles, the anniversary was celebrated with Jörg Hubes impressive reading from Lion Feuchtwangers’ novel Success accompanied by a musical performance with the Biermösl Blosn.

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