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Exhibition at the Residence of the Ambassador of the United States of America to Germany

Transatlantic Movements January to September 2012
A temporary Art Project at the Residence′of the Ambassador of the United States in Berlin. This art project is a collaboration of the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Berlin, the Deutsche Guggenheim and the Villa Aurora Forum Berlin.

The title Transatlantic Movements highlights the primary goal of the collaborating partners: German-American cultural encounters, the exchange of ideas, visions, and creativity - hese „movements“ are what inspire and energize all the artists and institutions involved.

The participating artists were: Jörg Bürkle, Eva Castringius, Hans-Christian Schink, Agathe Snow, Phoebe Washburn, Lawrence Weiner.

Botschafterempfang 2012Botschafterempfang 2012

Jörg Bürkle, Tammy S. Murphy, Ambassador of the United States Philip D. Murphy, Eva Castringius;
right side: work of Agathe Snow

Botschafterempfang 2012Botschafterempfang 2012

works of Hans-Christian Schink and Eva Castringius

Botschafterempfang 2012Botschafterempfang 2012

welcome reception speech of the Ambassador of the United States Philip D. Murphy at his residence;
right side: Jörg Bürkle; photographs: John Self/Ambassy of the United States

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