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Among other artists GlobalArt is supporting the composer and singer Abed AzriÚ with his musical and spiritual concept of crossing the lines:

Abed Azrie in Mexico

In all his compositions he combines- albeit in very different ways - Orient and Occident, poetry and music, tradition and modernity as well as different languages. But also in his passionate commitment for freedom of the spirit, he often goes beyond entrenched ways of thinking. In his admiration for poetry and mystic thinking, he understands himself as a spiritual man, renouncing, however, all religious dogmas. "I am neither a Muslim nor a Christian nor a Jew, but I am a worldly, a secular man who loves to ponder about all those ideas in a free and sympathetic way." The poetic language of all times means to him an "aesthetic memory of mankind", which he puts into music in a distinctive personal style, in which musical elements and instruments of East and West interconnect and merge.

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Concert Projects

Abed AzriÚ
Abed AzriÚ sings Lieder der Liebe und der Trunkenheit

Das Gilgamesch Epos
Das Johannesevangelium
Die g÷ttliche Liebe der Sufis
Andalusien: zwischen Freude, Tanz und Besinnlichkeit
Omar Khayyam: Oden an die Liebe und den Wein
Die Arabische Poesie der Klassik und der Gegenwart
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Abed AzriÚ chante Adonis
Concerts of Abed AzriÚ chante Adonis

Media: (text & video, German) (video interview, French) (text and video interview, French) (interview and video feature, French)

Abed AzriÚ Gilgamesch Epos
The Epic of Gilgamesh
According to the Sumerian-Babylonian tablets (2000 BC)

A bilingual audiovisual concert for a western and oriental ensemble and chorus. Libretto, music and singing: Abed AzriÚ
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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe und Hafis aus Shiraz
Hafez of Shiraz and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

poems from the Divan of Hafisand the West-Eastern Divan set into music by Abed AzriÚ
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