Viviane Arnoux (accordion, vocals) & François Michaud (violin, viola)

Viviane Arnoux and François Michaud have been playing happily together since 1992. The two of them worked out an original musical project for accordion, violin (or viola) and vocals by altering the habitual roles of each musical instrument.


MAM DUO; © Richard Walter

The duo travels with their music around the world performing musical sounds of all styles and all continents.

One sees a duo of accordion and violin ... And you hear an African singer who is accompanied by a kora virtuoso.

One hears an accordion player and a viola player… And you feel like dancing in clogs a funny jig on the floor.

An ethnic melody that swings back and forth… It changes to delirious improvisations with exceptionally dotted rhythms.


MAM DUO; © Arnaud Huck

Viviane Arnoux and François Michaud are two exceptional musicians, who are constantly on the lookout for a new, diverse and varied musical interaction and enrich their musical arrangements which are full of contrasting surprises with wit and an impish humour of a tramp.

MAM - that means: liberated feelings and shared energy!
Bon voyage!


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