Projects for Villa Aurora // Los Angeles

Restoration oft the Organ and Organ Concerts at Villa Aurora

In Los Angeles, the 15th anniversary was festively celebrated with two great concerts in which the organist Christoph Bull excelled at the newly restored organ. He elicited all variations of musical expressions from the organ: starting with Bach's Toccata, then featuring works by exiled composers such as Erich Zeisl, Ernst Toch and Kurt Weill, and finally accompanying a silent film by Charlie Chaplin with special effects, The Immigrant.

The organ was restored in a transatlantic cooperation: the renowned German organ builder Stefan Freisen made the planning and final fine-tuning, while the American team consisting of Ed Burnside, Ken Kukuk and Greg Rister did the basic restoration work.


Stefan Freisen tunes the organ, Stéphanie Félix at the new restored organ


the team of organ builders and restorers: Stefan Freisen, Stéphanie Félix, Ed Burnside, Greg Rister, Ken Kukuk
Photographs: Stefan Freisen

Organist Christoph BullOrganist Christoph Bull

mezzo-soprano I-Chin Feinblatt and organist Christoph Bull at the inauguration of the newly restored organ
Photographs: Volker Corell

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