Concerts for Abed Azrié

Three concerts on the occasion of the cultural festival in Sinaloa/Mexiko
19. – 30.10.2011
Chants d’Amour et d’Ivresse

On the occasion of the Festival in Sinaloa / Mexico 2011, Azrié Abed gave for the first time in Mexico three concerts in Los Mochis, Culiacan and Mazatlan with his West-Eastern ensembles.

Abed Azrié in MexikoAbed Azrié in Mexiko

Abed Azrié in Mexico

The program featured his Songs of Love and Drunkenness (Chants d'Amour et d'Ivresse), which are based on the texts of the ancient history of the Middle East and poetic texts of Sufi poets. Some of the most famous songs from The Epic of Gilgamesh and mystical texts: I am the one I love, To die of Love, Murmur of the breeze (Al-Hallaj, 858-922) , Mad for Laila (Kais -668), Alchemy from Omar Khayyam (1048-1131) Gacela (author unknown) and Woman, a poetic tribute to the woman, text and music by Abed Azrié inspired the Mexican audience with enthusiasm.
Oriental instruments such as the Arabic lute (Oud), the intoxicating rhythmic percussions, the Arabian flute (Nay) and Western instruments such as accordion, viola, cello and double bass merged in an unequaled fusion of Western and Eastern music, and made the concerts a memorable event for the Mexican audience. The Spanish subtitles allowed the audience to also enjoy the unique lyrical poetry, which Abed Azrié always selects very carefully for all his compositions.


Khaled Aljaramani: Ud (laúd)
Amjad Aljaramani: Ney
Viviane Arnoux: Acordeón
François Michaud: Viola
Alain Grange: Violonchelo
Grégoire Dubruel: Contrabajo
Yousef Zayed: Percusiones
Mouhannad Aljaramani: Percusiones
Música y canto: Abed Azrié

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